WASHINGTON, D.C. – Zane Networks, LLC, a leader in healthcare transformation services and solutions, was chosen as the technology partner for CRISP, the state-designated health information exchange (HIE) for Maryland and grantee for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Human Services Interoperability Innovations (HSII) cooperative agreement. The initiative is a demonstration program driven by ACF’s Office of Planning Research & Evaluation (OPRE) and is intended to expand data-sharing efforts by state, local, and tribal governments to improve human services program delivery and identify novel data-sharing approaches that can be replicated in other jurisdictions.

Zane Networks’ Operational Data Hub (ODH) platform enables the exchange of Maternal Opioid Misuse (MOM) care plans across state borders, assessing the structure of respective care plans to determine how best to share this data. MOM care plans shared through the CRISP HIE will be converted from a CDA–document format into Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)v4.0 for ingestion into the ODH. During the initiative, the grantees have started to test infrastructure endpoints to exchange authentication keys across CRISP and other networks to foster the secure exchange of information.

“The Operational Data Hub was designed to help care teams take a patient-centered approach to care management,” said Alexandra Jellerette, president of Zane Networks. “It allows practitioners from multiple organizations to have immediate, yet secure access to patient information so they can effectively participate in the complete spectrum of care associated with an individual. We’re honored to support the worthwhile efforts of CRISP as they work directly with families to coordinate the medical, behavioral, and social care of their patient populations.

Ryan Bramble, COO of CRISP Shared Services added: “The work we are doing with our friends in New Jersey will help bring about much needed standardization in the area of care planning and care plan interoperability. By working to exchange Integrated Care for Kids and MOM care plans for certain shared patients, we are creating a standard way for all care plan exchange to occur in the future. Addressing this area of interoperability will make sure that all the work our providers put into care planning for their patients is not lost when a patient moves between care settings.”

About Zane Networks, LLC

Founded in 2000, Zane Networks is certified as an EDWOSB by the SBA and is also certified as a Washington D.C. CBE and Maryland MBE company. Zane Networks helps organizations leverage innovative health IT tools and health data through direct technical assistance and coaching, software development and/or implementation. Zane Networks is a Management Service Organization (MSO) certified by Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC). Additionally, the company is nationally accredited by the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).

To learn more about how Zane Networks solves complex challenges including healthcare quality improvement, technology, and staffing, please visit www.zanenetworks.com.


CRISP is a regional health information exchange (HIE) serving Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, and the surrounding regions. A non-profit organization advised by a wide range of stakeholders who are responsible for healthcare throughout the region, CRISP has been formally designated as Maryland’s statewide health information exchange by the Maryland Health Care Commission. Health information exchange allows clinical information to move electronically among disparate health information systems. For more information about CRISP, visit www.crisphealth.org.

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