MyCareCircle and the Operational Data Hub

Empowering Patients Through Enhanced Care Management

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MyCareCircle, developed by Zane Networks, is a powerful care coordination platform that uses FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) capabilities. Hosted on cloud infrastructure, this platform efficiently streamlines care management processes among community providers.

MyCareCircle serves as the commercial, custom-branded option of Zane Networks’ open-source platform, Operational Data Hub (ODH). By adopting a patient-centered approach to care, both MyCareCircle and Operational Data Hub enable practitioners from various organizations to seamlessly and securely collaborate in the treatment of shared patients. These platforms have demonstrated their value as vital infrastructure assets in national initiatives, such as the Administration for Children and Families, and state-directed projects like Integrated Care for Kids programs.

MyCareCircle: Redefining Care Coordination

  • Ingests patient-centric clinical and non-clinical data
  • Provides secure data access to relevant care management roles within organizations and among team members
  • Establishes connections with external data sources, including claims data
  • Offers a comprehensive view of a patient’s needs
  • Facilitates the exchange of data to and from the platform

By offering a standardized set of questionnaires that define care pathways (covering medical, behavioral health, and social services), MyCareCircle generates comprehensive care plans accessible and shareable by all members of the care team. This platform grants care teams immediate access to patient information, eliminating the need for managing data from separate electronic sources.

MyCareCircle utilizes care plan templates, incorporating care goals for individuals and their guardians. It also enables screening assessments, tasks, and reporting within the system or through third-party sources.

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