About Us

Today’s healthcare industry is undergoing significant changes, presenting numerous challenges for organizations. Many struggle to implement efficient and interoperable technology infrastructures due to limited financial resources. As a result, staff members often rely on paper-based processes, negatively impacting patient care.

In the realm of care coordination, outdated platforms offer only basic functionality and fail to fully support person-centric care. Essential features necessary to meet new technology standards, such as FHIR, APIs, referral management, care planning, and interprofessional care teams, are frequently absent. Data capture lacks structure, codification, and accessibility for analysis or dashboards. Information exchange is often inadequate and reliant on legacy interfaces rather than modern APIs. Furthermore, patients have limited access, control, and involvement in their own care plans.

Recognizing these shortcomings, Zane Networks developed MyCareCircle and the open-source version, Operational Data Hub. These platforms offer healthcare organizations a cost-effective solution to incorporate the latest advances in interoperability. Moreover, they empower patients with greater access, control, and the ability to contribute to their own care plans.

Zane Networks:

Transforming Healthcare Services and Solutions

Zane Networks, an award-winning provider of healthcare transformation services and solutions, is headquartered in Washington, DC. Our dedicated team specializes in delivering strategic and high-quality services across various domains, including health quality improvement, telehealth and remote patient monitoring platforms, web and application development. Leveraging our extensive clinical, technical, and management expertise, we collaborate with private and public sector clients to transform health and hospital systems, state agencies, and health plans, enabling them to achieve their strategic objectives and deliver better value-based care to individuals.

Founded in 2000 by Alexandra Jellerette, MA, and Luigi Leblanc, MPH, Zane Networks is an SBA certified HUBZone, Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB/ EDWOSB), and a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).